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Camping comfort

My sweet new #marmot tent. Blaze orange and cozy but not nearly as comfy as my friend’s bed!
Mt Tam rules this time of year. Still too hot though. Wake up old man winter, time to sit on El nino

marmot tent

air mattress

Delta airlines

I arrived to JFK the other day 35 minutes before my flight with no bags and Delta would not give me my boarding pass. Refused. Missed the flight. That has never happened to me. What do you think about that? Even if it is their policy that seems like a bad idea. I felt like I was being robbed because it was my ticket! Gate was close with no security line too. Ticket was no change no refund too.

2000 US Freeskiing Open Slopestyle

When I heard that slopestyle skiing was admitted to the Olympics I tracked down this footage of one of the first ever ski slope contests in 2000 at Vail to show to the NBC guys. I just got it converted. I am having trouble getting the whole thing up so I just have my winning run. surprise surprise! I will work on it. The show never aired because Mike Jaquet and Jerk at Freeze mag sold the sponsorship to Lifestyles and the network was not having it.

2000 US Freeskiing Open

My heavily bias brief Warren Miller “Like there’s no Tomorrow” Movie Review

New Warren Miller Atomic Pro Caroline Gleich being interviewed for my show on Sirius/XM

We had a bunch of new young rippers at the Premiere of the new Warren Miller film ‘Like there’s no tomorrow”. Caroline beat out Tyler Ciccanti and the others for the photo!

Warren Miller blew this premiere out. 2600 people packed Abravnel Hall in Salt Lake. Pre party sponsor village was in effect and the VIP party upstairs featured a shot ski with view of the spectacular Mormon Tabernacle! Davenport demonstrated perfect technique. He also ripped in the movie with an especially interesting and strong segment from his home region, Tuckerman Ravine.
Although JT Holmes was busy hucking himself of some bridge in Virginia, Michelle Parker and Timy Dutton showed up to represent the 1st Squaw Valley Segment in 10yrs thanks to new CEO Andy Wirth. Tom Day captured the 800″ winter like only he could and also skied in the film. According to the producers Tom shot like ten miles of film. My son Jack also made his second Warren Miller appearance. The segment featured Timy Dutton, Squaw local and World Freeskiing champion straightlining Eagles nest then airing off it the end into a 180. Even Tom Day was impressed. Timy rips.

I also really loved Daron Rhalves, Banzai skicross segment because it is raw and not your typical ski movie porn.

Speaking of Ski porn, Wescott and Tom Day nailed Points North Alaska with epic conditions. Wescott laid down some lines in blower steep powder only a few in the world will experience.
Luckily due to Tom Day being heads up and rolling camera on their guide Kip Garre, The segment features Garre’s last days ripping Alaska with Seth before he died in the Sierras ski touring with his girlfriend. RIP Kip. We miss you, nice segment.

Lel and the Warren Miller Pros at the Premiere pre show press conference

Lel, Michelle Parker, Jess Mc Millan, Seth Wescott, Chris Davenport, Caroline Gleich leaning in.

Latest Project The Controller: Battlefield 3

Bunim/Murry Productions, best known for creating The Real World, will work with CBS Interactive’s GameSpot division for The Controller, a web series revolving around Electronic Arts’ upcoming shooter Battlefield 3. The reality competition show will center around six professional gamers who must train six amateurs for challenges inspired by the game; the pros, meanwhile, will face physical tasks. The teams will compete for a $50,000 prize. Hosted by Olympic skiier Jonny Moseley, with appearances by Internet figure Freddie Wong, the show will air weekly on for eight weeks starting October 21.

Catching up

In case you missed it which it sounds like most of you did due to the ratings, we got third on Skating w the Stars. I knew I would have a hard time with Rebecca even though we were starting to beat her, but I was surprised when i got taken out by Bethenny. I knew to expect some surprises because 50% of the score is at home voting but I still thought in the end justice would be served! I did not think that people would really want to see a final between Rebecca and Bethenny considering the disparity in skill. Congratulations to Rebecca who was great.
Also, I give Bethenny the credit she deserves. It is difficult to build a loyal following and she has done that very well. After all I think my wife may have voted for her.

After solid wrap party complete with a posture lesson from Dick button and some crumping with Laurieann I flew straight to Squaw and skied for 10 days straight. I did a bunch “Ski with Jonny” days with some great Apres ski. I enjoyed skiing and meeting everyone. If you missed it we will do it again next year. Meet me at Gold Coast at 2pm.
I spent roughly 3 weeks in Squaw doing some great dawn patrol missions and shooting some Warren Miller stuff for the movie next year. We also had a bunch of Christmas too. Jack and I skied a bunch and my brother Rick got Jack an awesome remote control helicopter which they flew around the house all Xmas long.

Jack is really starting to ski. I use a long bamboo pole which he can hold onto. i make lots of turns so he does not learn to just go straight and snow plow. The shooting stars coach taught me that. He loves it which is the most important thing. I have to beg him to go in for cocoa. He is tough.

During those three weeks i took a quick trip to SF to MC the press announcement for the Americas Cup which is coming to SF in 2013. Awesome. I was nervous. I have done a lot of speaking but this was odd because usually I talk about myself. This time I had to intro people like the mayor and Larry Ellison. I had to get facts and names and titles correct and talk about sailing. It went well though and was a great experience.

I spent a day in Palmdale driving the the new Ford focus and doing little video bits for the upcoming Ford Focus Rally that i am hosting.
It was gorgeous up there. Looked like Joshua Tree.

I just got home from Lake Placid. Man, it is gorgeous there. They had great snow and the scenery was ridiculous. I stayed at the Mirror Lake Inn which is quaint and cozy. Owned by the parents of Andrew Wiebrecht 2010 Olympic Super G bronze. They have a great hot tub area. I was there to do the commentary for the NBC Freestyle World Cup but I managed to do a bunch of skiing and ice hockey on the Lussi’s pond rink. I loved it.

Headed to White Sands, NM for some sand skiing then on the road for the Ford focus Rally. Should be fun. Later.

Skating with the Stars Update

Brooke and I managed to perform the routine last week really well even though our practice rehearsal before the show had us pretty stressed out. I slipped and fell while lifting Brooke over my head which shook our confidence pretty bad. In some ways it was better that it did happen because it made me realize quickly what I had been doing wrong. I have tendency to think when I am practicing that if something works then maybe more of that something will make it work even better. When I am learning something new I tend to keep tweaking it to the extreme until I go too far then I come back. It is not a terrible thing except in this format not only could I hurt Brooke but we don’t have time to play around. In this case I had noticed our lifting coach just slightly turning his head to the side as he lifted Brooke. So I started doing that as well which made it easy to get underneath Brooke and use my legs. As we continued I started getting Brooke way over my right shoulder before i lifted her until I was almost lifting her completely with my right arm and right leg. When it finally came crashing down I remember really pushing off my right leg and having brooke too far over the right side and being totally off balance as I exploded through my legs. Of course on skates unlike shoes there is no friction and I just remember trying to reach over my head and save Brooke as I was going down. Luckily we were both ok but it scared us both pretty good. To top it of we lost our double sow throw which had been working pretty well in the previous days. Needless to say we were freaking out before we competed. We managed to get a quick warm up before we hit the stage where things felt pretty good and that carried through into the final skate. When Brooke landed the double sow I got so excited that I could barley finish the routine and almost fell down.
That was very exciting night and I was fired up to be a point ahead of Rebecca who skated flawlessly.
Now we are working hard to get our routine together for this Monday. It is a free skate where we pick the music and choreograph the run ourselves. I really will miss the time here but my body is starting to beg a little for mercy. I was trying to do some axels the other day and unfortunately I don’t think it is going to happen. They are harder than I thought plus I fell hard on a silly little knee slide and my left wrist is pretty much worthless right now. When I crash and have to put my hands down it is extremely painful. This translates to it being kind of hard to try axels when I know i will take some spills. I don’t want break my wrist before Monday. My right shoulder which I blew up doing aerials and had fixed years back is not loving these overhead lifts or the crashes either. Back soreness standard, ankle is hanging in there, fitness is good, attitude is even better. Show is on Monday and Tuesday.

Looking forward to getting up to Squaw Valley Wednesday and skiing with everyone. See you there.

Melges 32 Sailing with Sailing Olympic and World Champs

Took a ride on Jeff Ecklund’s Melges 32 (STAR) today while they prepare for Big boat series and World Championships. I was not the only Olympic medallist on board. Check out this crew I sailed with.
Nathan Wilmont, Gold 2008 Olympics 470
Espen Stokkeland bronze 2000 Olympics, Soling
Harry Melges multiple world championships in multiple classes, CEO Melges Performance boats
Emma Creighton Shorthanded/singlehanded racer about to embark on 2011 Mini Transat Campaign.
Jeff Ecklund Melges 32 National Champ

It was totally awesome. That boat rules. It was nuking by the afternoon so it was quite a ride. Enjoyed hanging in the back and shooting some pics and vid. I will attach some soon.
Thanks for the ride guys.

N. Korea and World cup Soccer

Did you see this about the North Korean’s and the world cup?
“Because so few North Koreans have the money or the permission to leave the country for the World Cup, the nation’s sports committee has recruited about 1,000 Chinese fans as surrogate cheerleaders, including actors and musicians, according to Xinhua, China’s state-run news agency.” full article at