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WSJ article about Shaun White and “The Moseley Effect” and my comments

My favorite paper, the Wall Street Journal, interviewed me for an article on Shaun White. I guess he had mentioned my 02 “Dinner Roll” performance when talking about his plans to unveil new tricks in Vancouver at the Olympics. Most of what I have to say about the subject is in the video which I embedded. The written part is very brief and my quote is little out of context. Of course, I do have some moments of bitterness when thinking back on my 4th place result but I don’t mean to disparage my competitors. In general, my performance there has been a highlight in some ways equal in satisfaction to my gold in 98, X silver in 99 etc. although it has taken me awhile to realize that. It has been a great part of my whole career. I love hearing people recounting the 02 games. There was no hesitation for me. Had I known ahead of time that I would not be able to win, I can’t say that I would have done the same thing but I felt strongly about presenting the myself and the sport in its most advanced stage on the worlds biggest stage, the Olympics. I am flattered that my performance pops into Shaun’s sphere when he is thinking about his strategy, even if it is as a “don’t.” I remember what I did as do others and my performance contributed to the evolution of a sport that I love. In the end, I was true to the spirit of Freestyle competition and I can live with that.
Video portion:

Levi’s Powersliders/ Celeb week in LA/SD radio show Sirius 28/XM 52

Since I talked to you last wednesday I have been on the road.

I was in LA for Levis for the 3rd annual Powersliders competition. That’s right powersliders.  You’ve heard of it right? Probably not but you have done though in its beginner form. Sliding on your ass down railings is what you have done. Powersliding is what you have not done. Extreme ass sliding is what powersliding is. Levi’s built a massive powersliding terrain park at the Santa Monica pier in LA. They had a full on contest. The course was pretty gnarly. Huge and difficult with regards to sliding, plus there was a brisk wind. The powersliders went for it  and it was sick! Check it online. I was judging with Kendra from the “Girls Next door” and Wee Man who I am convinced is the same volume as Kendra’s boobs.  The band that played was this two man, actually one woman one man band called Matt and Kim. Matt plays keyboard and Kim plays drums and smiles a lot. I like them here they are on the Faction:

Matt and Kim 

She is a pretty and punky chick who is super fit and wails on a modified small drum kit . She sings at the top of her longs in sync with Matt but she does not use a mic. At one point she stood on her base drum singing and pumping up the crowd. I loved her. Matt is tall and skinny and leads the band with the singing from behind the keyboard. He keeps the crowd fired up with his music and his story telling. In this particular show he explained how he had just gotten scabies. Crude but it was entertaining especially because it embarrassed Kim. I guess they are a couple. Bottom line is I had never heard of them or seen them and I was impressed. Great live show. Here is another band along those lines, with a song you may have heard:

MGMT song called kids.

My whole trip was a celebrity fest. I hung with Wee man who I had never met and is cool as shit. In my hotel I got a picture with Rachel Hunter who I always liked as kid. She is older now but still way hot. She looked like she was just running some errands but when I got the picture with here you could tell why she is a super model. Her face pops on camera of course.  Later that day I was having lunch on the third st. promenade and I got a picture with Audrina from The Hills. She was cool, and looked the same as she did on TV. She was having  lunch next to us with her sister or something. Then of course I spent the rest of the day with Kendra from “The Girls Next  Door” where she played one of Hef’s girlfriends. I actually watched that show a bit  back in the day and I liked her the best  I guess because she was sporty. She is now engaged to a football player and has left the mansion . I asked her immediately if she banged Hef, but I never really got an answer. Wee Man was super cool and entertaining and the crowd loved him. He says he is rolling out some show right now but couldn’t tell what so stay  tuned I guess. And to top it off on way home to the hotel I look over and it was none other than Jason Ellis. Ellismate was having some family time at a Mexican joint on the promenade. I rushed over to get my picture. He said no at first but eventually I convinced him by telling him I had a show on Faction which he was surprised to hear.

Modest Mouse:

I did a bit of surfing in LA  which was nice, even though I was smoked after a half hour. My upper body is so out of shape,  and the period of waves was super tight in Venice beach but at least I got er done.  I was jonesing to play golf  after watching the masters last weekend.  Did you see that. poor guy  choke. Kenny Perry was winning that thing. But that is golf for you. It has to be one the hardest sports to compete in because as you start to get on top you want to overanalyze everything. Here is a small analogy. The other day I had a really early flight and I had to make it because had a paid gig on the other end. When I got home the night before I was going through my plan. Wake up call from the hotel at 4:20 am and the alarm on my phone. Of course I get my phone and set the alarm and double check  everything. Long story short I wake up and its light out and I know I am screwed. Miss my flight and everything. I did not get a wake up call which is lame but not my fault. But with regards to the alarm on the phone, I had reset the time an hour behind somehow. The clincher here is that I had been using that phone and the alarm everyday flawlessly until that point.

Or how about the two foot put in golf? Normally an easier shot but when the pressure is on you look at the put  twice as hard as normal and grip that putter and sometimes hose yourself. I think it is mainly because you want to be able to look back and say “I did everything I could”, but in the end that doesn’t really matter when you lose unless you count your mental sanity as important which you probably should.

Right, ok, here are

The strokes.

Ok, so the rest of my trip. I flew from LA to San Diego, which took twice as long as if I would have driven with all the transitions etc. I was in SD in order to host ALT games. Essentially it is the College Action Sports Championships. College kids competing in Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Skiing, Beach Volleyball, Eating, and the signature sport Flowboarding. I have talked about Flowboarding before when I tried it back in the day and got my ass handed to me. Serious whiplash. I have never seen a sport that looks so easy that is so hard. Basically, it is a standing wave created by shooting water out of jets at a padded structure shaped like a wave.  It is called a “waveloch Flowbarrel” in case you want to look it up. It is located in San Diego at an outdoor bar on mission beach called the wavehouse. It is a great spot and it was packed all weekend. Spring break and the beach was just slammed. Shoulder to shoulder. Great people watching. Of course there were all the girls in bikinis, but my favorites were bodybuilders and their chicks. Bulging out everywhere  and the best part was they never sat down on the beach. I was hosting the show  doing a bunch of stand-ups with my co-host Adrianna costa, so we watched these weightlifters for awhile and they never sat down. In the evening, the flowboard finals were closed out with a  show by Rebelution, a reggaeish band that has a incredibly large draw. People were packed out onto the beach where they could barely see the band. The cops were freaking out about it all. San Diego is pretty rowdy. Here is that band Rebelution:

That  flight that I missed earlier was supposed to get me to Squaw for  a party for all the passholders. I made it somehow and it was a perfect day at the top of the mountain by the pool. Hot and sunny. At the end of the day I skied down and had some beers at the Chamois. Skiing is still great up there right now and San Diego is nice but it is hard to beat a nice warm day skiing followed by some beers. Although the other day I did have at day the beach in Bolinas, here  in Northern, and that was pretty sweet. 88 degrees, Not crowded, good little waves for long boarding, great scenery, crispy cold water and did not see any sharks.  I bought a beach tent like sun shade, that I highly recommend. Especially if you have a kid, its like having a cabana at the beach.

Later everyone, here is some Michael Franti:


“The Moseley Method” excerpts from Radio Faction Sirius 28/XM 52

I told you Shaun was going to silence the critics. He was dominant in slope style, airing the channel and hitting the cannon. Todd Richards who is a great analyst, by the way, agreed with the judges on this one unlike Shaun’s halfpipe win. I am not knowledgeable enough to call the difference between Kevin Pearce’s run and Shaun’s so I will go with Richards on this one with one caveat. Shaun qualified first giving him the final run of the night and it is a fact in judged sports that judges cannot help giving out the bigger scores at the end and everyone knows this. In big events you pretty much have to win both runs period. In some sick way it my be the organic way to compensate for the extra pressure involved with running last versus the “got nothing to lose “ attitude of running early.
Also- The Loved Ones (punk) has a new ep out called Distractions

With regards to Simon and Jon in the Big Air obviously Jon’s DJ flip or whatever he calls it, a switch double rodeo, is way harder to learn and probably something Simon does not even do. That being said a double front flip is no fun to land either and most people, despite what they say have not done any of those either. For aerialists the double or trip front flip is the most consistently difficult to land and most dangerous trick in the book because it is blind (meaning you can’t see the landing between 180 and 270 degrees, the most critical time) and the consequences of over rotating are usually disastrous, like a broken neck bad. Jon should clearly be the winner in that contest but I think keeping the crowd involved with text judging is a good idea but there needs to be a panel similar to AI where experts weigh in on the performance before the vote. However, you will never get around the fact that Jon is Swedish which has been something he has lamented about for years. I have a dream, maybe with our new president there will be less prejudice against Swedish skiers in America. BTW if a double front flip won big air and they don’t change the format imagine if they invited a real aerialist off the world cup tour who could easily throw a triple front with multiple twists, or a triple back or even a quad back. Funny how the sport is rocketing towards a sport that already exists.

The Riverboat Gamblers (punk) are dropping a new cd in March

On to Skicross. Canadien Stanley Hayer won. Rahlves who had a great start which is unusual for him was in second in the beginning and clearly had slow skis, there is no question about it. The sticky snow created a tricky situation. For Daron to fall behind in the rhythm section can only be explained by wax. I read that Daron switched up skis with Puckett before the final for some reason which is unclear to me. Apparently he won all his heats before that on one pair of skis and then decided to make a change to another. What pisses me off about that is it is the same reason Daron lost the Olympics in Torino. The story I know is that Daron smoked the field in Qualifications and then decided to ski on some special skis that Bode had made for the final which Daron had tested only by freeskiing around the mountain. This decision making by Daron must keep him up at night, I know it makes me mad so it must really piss him off. Hopefully he will get it right for Vancouver.

Atmosphere- Re-released his first LP (God Loves Ugly) indie hip hop

The double backflip on the snowmobile may prove the point that it does not matter who wins and who loses, what matter is what they did. No one cares about anything in the Snow X contest this year besides Levi’s double back. No one could tell you who won the thing, This is what happened for me at both Olympics and it proves both ways how important what you do is in the context of going for the win.

And B Real from Cypress Hill has a new solo song called “Fire”

I was at Sundance during X Games . I skied Deer valley in the pouring sleet. I skied with the Mahre brothers and met Michael Phelps and Dara Torres because I was hanging out with some people from HP who are sponsors of the two athletes. I saw a good movie called “In the Loop” about the back and forth between the US and British goverment in the lead up to the Iraq invasion. I tried to see the band “ Nerd” at Harry O’s in Park City but hey were so obnoxiously loud that I had to leave, I guess I am getting old.

Also Rise Against

What else, I was in LA as a judge on a reality show which I can’t talk about because I will have to pay them a trillion dollars if I do but I met Sasha Cohen the figure skater who won a silver in Torino but is more famous because Shaun White had a severe crush on her which was made public. I asked her about it, here she is:

I wanted to ask her if she regretted now that he is such a big balller, I mean he is on the cover of Fast Company for crying out loud. I did not have the balls though. Same story as always in Fast Company, how he turns everything down blah blah. There was absolutely nothing interesting in the article. No numbers stats or figures. I don’t care about knowing how much Shaun makes but it is a biz mag and I would think they could provide some insight if only in percentages of Shaun’s impact. BS mag, I won’t buy it again.