Monthly Archive for October, 2008

Buck Hill, Minn / Awful flight attendant

Just got back from Buck Hill, Minn. There was no snow there but I had heard about this place from a variety of different people. Extremely small hill, maybe a 1000’ vert max. Maybe this is where those kids from the movie “Aspen Extreme” came from. I can’t remember. There are some good freestyle ski/snbrdrs that come out of the midwest because the hill is small and tricks are the only thing that can keep you entertained I guess.

Most memorable part of the trip was the extremely annoying flight attendant. Two were terrible but one was particularly annoying. He was trying to be a comedian and a cop at once. Really bad combo. While giving the pre flight safety blah he would not move on to the next subject until someone answered his question. I really wanted to throttle this guy. Some of these flight attendants get this captive audience and they just eat up the mic, it is awful.

I hit the SF bay to check out the 289’ Maltese Falcon…

I hit the SF bay to check out the 289’ Maltese Falcon. Largest sailboat in the world. It was interesting to watch it move through the bay. I brought junior with me. Somebody hit it in a forty foot sailboat a couple of days later. Here is the link to that sequence.