Monthly Archive for November, 2008

Teton Gravity Research

I went to a TGR show here last night in Marin, CA to support Demo Ski, our local shop. It brought back good memories from when I shot with them in 1999 for “The Realm”. We were were holed up in Girdwood for 3 weeks. It dumped for two straight days so Jeremy Jones, Micah Black and I skied blower pow off the chairlift every day and partied and ate caribou meat with locals at night. A couple of other guys came and went disappointed that there was no blue. After 2 weeks, the sun broke and we had 4 epic days of shooting in the Chugach from the heli. Here is my segment:

Hanging out with Dave Wiens

Dave Wiens/VO2 animal beat Lance Armstrong in Leadville Mtn Bike race. Interviewed him in CB for Sirius Faction radio while he rasied money for his “Gunnisson Trails” project. This guy is awesome, so humble.

NY Times article

NYT video

Fat Jonny’s Friends

The stars of the latest Warren Film (Grete Elliason, Lynsey Dyer and Rachel Burks) return from Crested Butte after oversellingout two shows and leaving a trail of inspired kids and hopeful dudes.

Headed to Crested Butte this Weekend

What’s up? Welcome to the new site. Happy to have control of my own site and be able to communicate much more currently.

Headed to Crested Butte this weekend for the Warren Miller show. Lyndsey Dyer, Rachel Burks, Grete, and Wendy Fisher will all be there because that is where they shot there segment which is killer BTW. I had R Burks on my radio show the other day, she is great, Look forward to meeting her. I remember I went to CB back in 1999 for the premiere of TGR’s “The Realm”. I had a good segment in that movie that I like a lot and the crowd went nuts. It felt great and we killed it that night. Movie’s are rad.

I narrate this year’s WM film and I also ski it. Should be a fun time.

There is the link. I will be at the Nov. 11th show in San Francisco as well. 11 inches on top of Squaw two days ago.