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“The Moseley Method” excerpts from Radio Faction Sirius 28/XM 52

I told you Shaun was going to silence the critics. He was dominant in slope style, airing the channel and hitting the cannon. Todd Richards who is a great analyst, by the way, agreed with the judges on this one unlike Shaun’s halfpipe win. I am not knowledgeable enough to call the difference between Kevin Pearce’s run and Shaun’s so I will go with Richards on this one with one caveat. Shaun qualified first giving him the final run of the night and it is a fact in judged sports that judges cannot help giving out the bigger scores at the end and everyone knows this. In big events you pretty much have to win both runs period. In some sick way it my be the organic way to compensate for the extra pressure involved with running last versus the “got nothing to lose “ attitude of running early.
Also- The Loved Ones (punk) has a new ep out called Distractions

With regards to Simon and Jon in the Big Air obviously Jon’s DJ flip or whatever he calls it, a switch double rodeo, is way harder to learn and probably something Simon does not even do. That being said a double front flip is no fun to land either and most people, despite what they say have not done any of those either. For aerialists the double or trip front flip is the most consistently difficult to land and most dangerous trick in the book because it is blind (meaning you can’t see the landing between 180 and 270 degrees, the most critical time) and the consequences of over rotating are usually disastrous, like a broken neck bad. Jon should clearly be the winner in that contest but I think keeping the crowd involved with text judging is a good idea but there needs to be a panel similar to AI where experts weigh in on the performance before the vote. However, you will never get around the fact that Jon is Swedish which has been something he has lamented about for years. I have a dream, maybe with our new president there will be less prejudice against Swedish skiers in America. BTW if a double front flip won big air and they don’t change the format imagine if they invited a real aerialist off the world cup tour who could easily throw a triple front with multiple twists, or a triple back or even a quad back. Funny how the sport is rocketing towards a sport that already exists.

The Riverboat Gamblers (punk) are dropping a new cd in March

On to Skicross. Canadien Stanley Hayer won. Rahlves who had a great start which is unusual for him was in second in the beginning and clearly had slow skis, there is no question about it. The sticky snow created a tricky situation. For Daron to fall behind in the rhythm section can only be explained by wax. I read that Daron switched up skis with Puckett before the final for some reason which is unclear to me. Apparently he won all his heats before that on one pair of skis and then decided to make a change to another. What pisses me off about that is it is the same reason Daron lost the Olympics in Torino. The story I know is that Daron smoked the field in Qualifications and then decided to ski on some special skis that Bode had made for the final which Daron had tested only by freeskiing around the mountain. This decision making by Daron must keep him up at night, I know it makes me mad so it must really piss him off. Hopefully he will get it right for Vancouver.

Atmosphere- Re-released his first LP (God Loves Ugly) indie hip hop

The double backflip on the snowmobile may prove the point that it does not matter who wins and who loses, what matter is what they did. No one cares about anything in the Snow X contest this year besides Levi’s double back. No one could tell you who won the thing, This is what happened for me at both Olympics and it proves both ways how important what you do is in the context of going for the win.

And B Real from Cypress Hill has a new solo song called “Fire”

I was at Sundance during X Games . I skied Deer valley in the pouring sleet. I skied with the Mahre brothers and met Michael Phelps and Dara Torres because I was hanging out with some people from HP who are sponsors of the two athletes. I saw a good movie called “In the Loop” about the back and forth between the US and British goverment in the lead up to the Iraq invasion. I tried to see the band “ Nerd” at Harry O’s in Park City but hey were so obnoxiously loud that I had to leave, I guess I am getting old.

Also Rise Against

What else, I was in LA as a judge on a reality show which I can’t talk about because I will have to pay them a trillion dollars if I do but I met Sasha Cohen the figure skater who won a silver in Torino but is more famous because Shaun White had a severe crush on her which was made public. I asked her about it, here she is:

I wanted to ask her if she regretted now that he is such a big balller, I mean he is on the cover of Fast Company for crying out loud. I did not have the balls though. Same story as always in Fast Company, how he turns everything down blah blah. There was absolutely nothing interesting in the article. No numbers stats or figures. I don’t care about knowing how much Shaun makes but it is a biz mag and I would think they could provide some insight if only in percentages of Shaun’s impact. BS mag, I won’t buy it again.

Olympic Gold at Sundance

Hello Dara Torres. Phelps was in the house last night too. HP Athletes.

Hello Dara Torres. Phelps was in the house last night too. HP Athletes.

Words from most recent ” Moseley Method” on Faction Sirius 28/XM 52

Since I talked to you last I have been to NYC and Lake Placid in upstate NY. While I was in NY I Stayed at this awesome place called the NY Athletic club. It is a 21 story private club in NYC where almost every floor has some athletic set up. A pool on one floor and an indoor track over two basketball courts surrounded by a weight room on another in addition to fencing and judo rooms. It also has hotel rooms, a billiards room, card room, library, dining rooms and a pub. On floor is dedicated to its athletic heritage. A Hall of Fame honors all the Olympic champions and other accomplished athletes that are members there. The club was started in 1868 so they boast over 200 Olympic medals with over half of them gold. Very impressive. One member in particular, Al Oerter won four gold medals in four different Olympics in the discus. The club was founded by a group of amateur athletes and grew to be a force in both the production of great competitors and in the direction of various Olympic sports. I noticed a complete absence of winter Olympic athletes but the club is very old school so perhaps they don’t really see the winter Olympics as a “real” Olympics. Either that or the facilities could never accommodate the training of winter sports athletes. I really loved the place and was amazed that something like that existed in Manhattan. Thanks for hooking me up Meredith.
Blink 182
While I was in NY that plane crashed into the Hudson. I was thinking about that when I jumped on a small puddle jumper to upstate New York. I was amazed at how long that plane floated after it landed. Especially with all those people standing on the wings. I guess the wings are just big balloons filled with jet fuel. Jet fuel floats on water, not that it matters if the tanks are sealed. The real tail fins are essentially just sealed aluminum airbags essentially. Makes me feel good if we had to land in the Atlantic. What does not make me feel good is that a couple birds can easily bring you down. That is a very sketchy, but I pretty much expect to go down every time I fly anyway.
Kottonmouth kings.
I hit Lake Placid for the Freestyle world cup. Normally when you hear freestyle you think moguls, aerials, big air, halfpipe, slopestyle, but skiercros is now also under the umbrella of freestyle when it comes to the International Ski federation aka FIS. It makes sense except that all the dudes in it now are former Alpine racers. The sport is cool, but man it is sketchy. Even though the FIS has cut down the number of racers from 6 to 4, the crashes are still nasty. Which I suppose will make it a great spectator sport in the Olympics in 2010. However, I have competed in a couple and it was fun but sketchy. Even on a course like the one in Lake Placid which was relatively low speed, there is a major blow up in every other race. The problem is the athletes know how hard it is to pass because you don’t have a throttle, so they get dirty. There are judges and rules but in the end they don’t help after you already got smacked up side the head because someone clipped you by standing on the back of your skis. Daron Rahlves and Casey Pucket are the top US guys. Casey is ranked third. in the world with two X Games Gold Medals. He has been to four Olympics in Alpine racing with a 7th place in slalom in Lillehammer, Norway in 94. Impressive record. He was a bit off in Qualifying and had some tough heats out the box including a match up against Daron Rahlves in the second round. In his first heat Casey had a nice pass on the inside. Then he was involved in a huge tangle up in the second heat where Rahlves advanced.
Rahlves was looking very slow all day out of the gate but managed to advance through a combo of luck and skill. In the end he could got through to the small final and ended up fifth. Lars Lewen won the event with Patrick Koller second, and Thomas Kraus third. Kraus leads the standings going into the X games, and Puckett is third.
I don’t how long these guys will last. The crashes are ridiculous, look at you tube. Pucket takes a snow nap there. In alpine you might crashe really bad once or twice a year, In Ski cross these guys get worked every other week.
AC/DC ultimate freestyle skiing band.
BTW I am calling the event for NBC’s coverage which will be on this weekend.
Aerials was pretty standard. Jared Peterson won the event with a monstrous dfff stomped. That’s three flips with four twists. Two on the first flip one on the second and one on the third . Nissen and Shouldice were 2nd and third. Both Olympians from Torino as I found out in the bar late night that they are Faction listeners. I told you that most of the faction listeners were Canadian stoners. Eh. Nah just kidding, these guys are serious Olympics athletes that get drug tested every week. Thanks to their fellow countryman Ross Rebagliati. Damn snowboarders. Shouldice does an insane trick and stomped it in Placid. Lay triple full full. That means no twists on the first flip, three full ones on the second, and one on the third. Very cool. Imagine trying to fit three full spins into one flip while 60 feet in the air. You can check it out this weekend on NBC.
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Sunny Squaw

Did some epic spring skiing yesterday here at Squaw. A couple guys were skiing in shorts. Coverage is great, necessary to have sharp edges but going fast is great right now. Also some good stuff in the trees. See you out there today.