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Abductor Stretch for back pain on Youtube.

You tube is fantastic. Today I was on you tube and it recommended a video to me based on my user habits. The video it recommended was a stretch to keep your back out of pain. I must say my back is pretty much always sore. I had one traumatic back injury while competing which only kept me away for maybe two of competing, but it has always nagged me ever since especially when I begin exercising hard. Lately, I have been thinking it was my hamstrings that are tight and it is hurting my back. A friend suggested this to me after my back was hurting on a bike ride. So I have been stretching my hammies a little, but it was not really helping. The video I found has me stretching my hip rotators which instantly works. I can sit up straighter and my back does not hurt as much. One of the problems with skiing is that it over works your abductors, the muscles which rotate your thighs and feet out. By the middle of the season I am so duck footed it is awkward.  As you pressure the ski,  it tries to come across your body and the abductors prevent that.  Some people do exercises to counter it but I am lazy about it these days. It is not far fetched that you tube suggested this video to me. I have been looking at different videos of Dara Torres’ training techniques. Dara is a five time Olympic swimmer, has a bunch of Golds but most recently returned to the Olympics in Bejing and took silver at 40yrs old. She is in awesome shape.  She works with the Cooley method of resistance stretching which she credits for getting her in peak condition. You tube picked up on this and now they are sending me mostly videos of buff women, which is cool, and amongst those vids I got the ultimate back stretch from

Ska music / Sirius/XM Faction show/Cushing Crossing

I was listening to some reggae in Pandora and this music came on from Tommy McCook. I hit the option to read more about him and this is what came up:

 “The leader of the legendary Skatalites, tenor saxophonist Tommy McCook was among the most innovative and influential Jamaican musicians of his generation, a prime catalyst behind the evolution and international popularity of ska and reggae. Born in 1932, McCook learned to play sax while attending Kingston’s Alpha Cottage School, an institution for wayward boys; upon exiting the school at the age of 14, he toured with the dance bands of Eric Deans and Roy Coburn, emerging as a highly skilled jazz player. Between the late ’40s and early ’50s, he also frequently collaborated with the famed Count Ossie, lending his talents alongside those of the Rastafarian hand-drummers and chanting vocalists who comprised Ossie’s group. In 1954 McCook relocated to the Bahamas to join a dance band there, and in the years to follow his mastery of jazz became increasingly pronounced.

 McCook did not return return to Jamaica on a permanent basis until 1962, arriving in time to help push the developing ska sound to the next level. In 1963, he was approached by Studio One musical director Jackie Mittoo to lead a new group he was forming dubbed the Skatalites; McCook initially declined the offer, but by mid-1964 he accepted the role of bandleader, drawing on his extensive knowledge of jazz and R&B to add distinctive new dimensions to their sound.”

 I found it interesting that a guy born in the 30’s was one of the most influential guys in Ska music in the 60’s. I never associate the 60’s with anything related to the thirties, but that is just ignorance. Anyway, I love saxophone and ska and had never heard of Tommy McCook.

I guess when I think of Ska I think more about The Specials. I know Ska started way before that but that is my association They call that era the “Ska revival. The Specials added the punk to the ska and rocksteady styles. I grew up on Selector and the Specials. I was too young to go to shows and everything but I loved it. My brothers were a little older so they were all about it.

Here is a little specials:

Of course I was into The English Beat as well. Thay were under the same label :”Two Tone” that The Specials formed. They had a 50 year old guy in the band that played for Desmond Dekker. So there you have that connection back to the early Ska days.

Let’s hear some Engilsh Beat

I was reading about The English beat  and I found out that Ranking Roger who is the distinguishing voice in the band went on to form general public, which I knew, but I did not realize that two other guys from the band, cox and steele  went on to form Fine Young Cannibals.

Let’s roll out some FYC, it has been awhile for sure.

I can’t remember what the hell I did this week. That is what happens when you stay home for a week. The days just blend.

Here is some SELECTOR

That was the first week in awhile that I have been home every night. Feels great. I just chilled with my son. We hit the park two times a day. I did have to do some work. I was in Sacramento helping Squaw slang season passes. They are “giving them away” this year which is sweet. I was posted up at an REI. I love REI. I bought a beach cabana. Unfortunately I had to miss the pond cross that I talked about so much. Here is a link to the video. JT Holmes, Cody Townshend, and Tim Dutton won with the 2 men and baby. Three people on four skis. Awesome. My favorite part was Jeremy Jones trying in skis in tribute to Shane McConkey. Funny part too was Tom Burt stacking  trying to get across on a snowboard. Check it out for sure.Cushing Crossing

Let’s go back in time to the The Slackers:

Toots and the maytals  54-46

Let’s get up into NO doubt

Let’s end it with the hives

Free running, check out this levi Meeuwenberg:

I thought the parkour was ok until I saw this video. This guy is ridiculous. It shows how being able to absorb landings in certain ways is the key to survival in sports where you jump off of stuff.

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