Monthly Archive for December, 2009

Ran into ’76 Olympic Gold Downhill legend Franz Klammer in Beaver Creek. His run from ’76 is a must see. Posted at my blog.

I ran into the legendary Franz Klammer during the world cup at Beaver Creek. I love watching his Olympic run from 1976 in Innsbruck when he won the Olympics. Check out the ruts in the course and minimal fencing in the video below.
Klammer and Moseley

Dr. Drew and I on “Loveline” the other night. pic and vid.

I always liked “Loveline” when it was on MTV. Dr. Drew was cool and provides a great service to people. It was very hard to try to be entertaining while dealing with peoples’ messed up situations. I learned a lot. I could ask Dr. Drew questions all day. He skis so we will get him out there one of these days. Here is a link to a small clip of us on the show: Loveline
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