Monthly Archive for January, 2011

Catching up

In case you missed it which it sounds like most of you did due to the ratings, we got third on Skating w the Stars. I knew I would have a hard time with Rebecca even though we were starting to beat her, but I was surprised when i got taken out by Bethenny. I knew to expect some surprises because 50% of the score is at home voting but I still thought in the end justice would be served! I did not think that people would really want to see a final between Rebecca and Bethenny considering the disparity in skill. Congratulations to Rebecca who was great.
Also, I give Bethenny the credit she deserves. It is difficult to build a loyal following and she has done that very well. After all I think my wife may have voted for her.

After solid wrap party complete with a posture lesson from Dick button and some crumping with Laurieann I flew straight to Squaw and skied for 10 days straight. I did a bunch “Ski with Jonny” days with some great Apres ski. I enjoyed skiing and meeting everyone. If you missed it we will do it again next year. Meet me at Gold Coast at 2pm.
I spent roughly 3 weeks in Squaw doing some great dawn patrol missions and shooting some Warren Miller stuff for the movie next year. We also had a bunch of Christmas too. Jack and I skied a bunch and my brother Rick got Jack an awesome remote control helicopter which they flew around the house all Xmas long.

Jack is really starting to ski. I use a long bamboo pole which he can hold onto. i make lots of turns so he does not learn to just go straight and snow plow. The shooting stars coach taught me that. He loves it which is the most important thing. I have to beg him to go in for cocoa. He is tough.

During those three weeks i took a quick trip to SF to MC the press announcement for the Americas Cup which is coming to SF in 2013. Awesome. I was nervous. I have done a lot of speaking but this was odd because usually I talk about myself. This time I had to intro people like the mayor and Larry Ellison. I had to get facts and names and titles correct and talk about sailing. It went well though and was a great experience.

I spent a day in Palmdale driving the the new Ford focus and doing little video bits for the upcoming Ford Focus Rally that i am hosting.
It was gorgeous up there. Looked like Joshua Tree.

I just got home from Lake Placid. Man, it is gorgeous there. They had great snow and the scenery was ridiculous. I stayed at the Mirror Lake Inn which is quaint and cozy. Owned by the parents of Andrew Wiebrecht 2010 Olympic Super G bronze. They have a great hot tub area. I was there to do the commentary for the NBC Freestyle World Cup but I managed to do a bunch of skiing and ice hockey on the Lussi’s pond rink. I loved it.

Headed to White Sands, NM for some sand skiing then on the road for the Ford focus Rally. Should be fun. Later.