Teton Gravity Research

I went to a TGR show here last night in Marin, CA to support Demo Ski, our local shop. It brought back good memories from when I shot with them in 1999 for “The Realm”. We were were holed up in Girdwood for 3 weeks. It dumped for two straight days so Jeremy Jones, Micah Black and I skied blower pow off the chairlift every day and partied and ate caribou meat with locals at night. A couple of other guys came and went disappointed that there was no blue. After 2 weeks, the sun broke and we had 4 epic days of shooting in the Chugach from the heli. Here is my segment:

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  • “The Realm” is my favorite TGR movie. I asked TGR if i could get it on DVD but I don’t think they can do it.

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