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Video of my ride on the Melges 32 “Star” the other day

House of Air

Had an awesome weekend opening up the new indoor trampoline park in the Presidio (House of Air). I was not going to bounce because I am coming off a badly sprained ankle but I could not resist. I bounced like a maniac. So much fun. Was sore in places I never knew. Been doing yoga nonstop ever since to get back in form. Here are pics of the place.

Melges 32 Sailing with Sailing Olympic and World Champs

Took a ride on Jeff Ecklund’s Melges 32 (STAR) today while they prepare for Big boat series and World Championships. I was not the only Olympic medallist on board. Check out this crew I sailed with.
Nathan Wilmont, Gold 2008 Olympics 470
Espen Stokkeland bronze 2000 Olympics, Soling
Harry Melges multiple world championships in multiple classes, CEO Melges Performance boats
Emma Creighton Shorthanded/singlehanded racer about to embark on 2011 Mini Transat Campaign.
Jeff Ecklund Melges 32 National Champ

It was totally awesome. That boat rules. It was nuking by the afternoon so it was quite a ride. Enjoyed hanging in the back and shooting some pics and vid. I will attach some soon.
Thanks for the ride guys.

N. Korea and World cup Soccer

Did you see this about the North Korean’s and the world cup?
“Because so few North Koreans have the money or the permission to leave the country for the World Cup, the nation’s sports committee has recruited about 1,000 Chinese fans as surrogate cheerleaders, including actors and musicians, according to Xinhua, China’s state-run news agency.” full article at

Todd Richards, Pat Parnell and I host Olympics from Costas’ Set courtesy of Todd’s Todcast at Quicksilver

Photos from the Olympics on Flickr

Photos from Vancouver 2010

Andy Mahre has the captain in him up here at CMH

Up at CMH right now shooting a segment for Warren Miller. Been snowy so been skiing a lot of pow in the trees. This is a shot of Andy Mahre in front of the heli and the fire that our pilot Roger builds for us everyday during lunch. Yes, this place is awesome. Be here til Sunday then headed straight to Vancouver for the Olympics to commentate on Freestyle for NBC. Bummed that Daron Rahlves got hurt at X games. Have not heard the final prognosis.

Ran into ’76 Olympic Gold Downhill legend Franz Klammer in Beaver Creek. His run from ’76 is a must see. Posted at my blog.

I ran into the legendary Franz Klammer during the world cup at Beaver Creek. I love watching his Olympic run from 1976 in Innsbruck when he won the Olympics. Check out the ruts in the course and minimal fencing in the video below.
Klammer and Moseley

Dr. Drew and I on “Loveline” the other night. pic and vid.

I always liked “Loveline” when it was on MTV. Dr. Drew was cool and provides a great service to people. It was very hard to try to be entertaining while dealing with peoples’ messed up situations. I learned a lot. I could ask Dr. Drew questions all day. He skis so we will get him out there one of these days. Here is a link to a small clip of us on the show: Loveline
jonny moseley-1Outlook2