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Beaver Creek World Cup 2011

Was at the World Cup in Beaver Creek last weekend. Fun to see Bode win the downhill. I wish they would put the GS on Saturday instead of Sunday so we could watch Ligety.
You can’t really see the actual race very well so most people watch from inside the tent on TV.
On Saturday, I got this shot of  (from left) Franz Weber, Billy Kidd, me , Franz Klammer, and Klaus Heidegger, inside the tent watching the race on the TV.


Lel and the Warren Miller Pros at the Premiere pre show press conference

Lel, Michelle Parker, Jess Mc Millan, Seth Wescott, Chris Davenport, Caroline Gleich leaning in.

Jonny moseley Slow mo of Dinner roll

Dinner Roll

Jonny Moseley Dinner roll in 2002 Olympics

Moseley does dinner roll in 2002 Olympics

Jonny Moseley Dryland training

Jonny Moseley digs and practices in dirt mouguls

Olympic Gold Medal Run 1998

Jonny Moseley wins Olympics in 1998 with 360 mute grab

Jonny Moseley does early 1080 mute grab in park at Squaw

Segment from ski movie, “Breathe” 1996 in Squaw Valley

Jonny Moseley does triple twisting triple back flip

Moseley does inverted aerials during world cup, triple twisting triple back flip.